My girlfriend's mom is too lazy to drive to see me. She put me in a bad mood with her bullshit. I changed my mind on where I want to go for college =). Now I hafta clean my room cuz I'm feeling fuckin' lazy lol...

Mary Ott Music is amazing :D
 My plan for this year is to go to the coffee shop every day to do my homework.

Writer's Block: Songs of the season
What is your all-time favorite album from any holiday, and why?

The All Hallow's EP by AFI because I love AFI <3

I resolve that tonight
  I'll write down the whole letter. Promisssse<3

Rabbi Steinlauf was right
 Sorry can be a hard word. But maybe it's one I need to say this Christmas...

I really do somewhat find comfort in chaos
Or at least I've been used to it :P So when everything is stable surving isn't my first option, it's to find the nearest hole and hide. Because stability scares me.

When I was schizophrenic
I would have freakouts in the middle of classes because I thought my teachers were going to kill me. I really did.

(no subject)
I have updated my favorite names.
My top two girls names are Ayanna and Cybelle and my top two boys names are Declan and Damien.

Writer's Block: Immerse yourself in an online sport.
If you could immerse yourself in an online sport and get a real workout, what activity would you want it to be?

Tennis or soccer? Both kinda like Kick Ups; a facebook game.

Another wishlist of impossibility
1) Visit Westminster Abbey
2) Visit  Street Cats in Tulsa
3) Go to Oktoberfest
4) Go to Jerusalem
5) Go to India
6) Go to Nepal
7) Go to every city in California
8) Visit Tampa


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